August 30, 2008

Is FAIR being ‘fair’?

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On June 30th FAIR (Foundation for Apologetic Information and Research) posted two articles and one commentary attacking Rod Meldrum personally and attempting to discredit him by using innuedo, conjecture, and assertions from a private and personal email correspondence to a small group of supporters, inviting them to participate in a preliminary meeting to form a new organization called the Foundation for Indigenous Research and Mormonism or The FIRM Foundation. 

FAIR President Scott Gordon said that the articles were not an attack, yet Ogden Standard Examiner newpaper columnist Doug Gibson, an unbias reporter, after reading FAIR’s review states “the scholars have launched a counterattack” and “The summary…doesn’t go after Meldrum’s theories much…” and finally, “Instead, it portrays Meldrum as a crackpot, a man who claims to receive direct revelation from God on Book of Mormon matters and who insinuates that God has told him not to try and convert Mormon scholars.” 

For those of you who have seen the DVD, do you feel that this is an accurate portrayal of the DVD presentation that you have reviewed? 

If you have both seen the DVD and read the FAIR articles, please post your comments. 

If you have not seen the DVD nor seen the FAIR reviews, please withhold your comments or post in another category.


August 29, 2008

Welcome to the DNA Evidence for Book of Mormon Blog

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This blog is dedicated to providing a forum for those who have seen the DVD presentation of DNA Evidence for Book of Mormon Geography to discuss their thoughs, feeling, questions, and concerns about this research project. 

No crude, vulgar or unethical comments will be allowed, however views differing from the authors/editors will be allowed so long as they are not abusive. Should abuse occur, it will be deleted.  If it happens again, that poster will be permanently blocked.  This is for civil conversation and discussion only, not anti-Mormon rhetoric.  Postings will be made at the disgression of the editor. 

Thank you for sharing your posts!  Please come back again often.

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